Kelsey TaylorAn avid environmentalist with a passion for social issues, Kelsey Taylor is proud to be part of America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments. Twenty years old, Kelsey will be graduating from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in the spring of 2012.

While at USC, Kelsey has served as producer, writer, actor, and music coordinator on award-winning shorts such as A Love Story, which screened in the top 16 films at Campus Movie Fest 2010, and Shutter, which took top prize in USC’s 48 Hour Film Festival. Never one to shy away from controversy, while in school Kelsey produced a documentary short on the spiritual uses of entheogens. Armed only with curiosity and a camera, she smoothly navigated through a quagmire of delicate topics, raising questions about the nature of religion, the neuropsychological effects of psychoactive plants, and Constitutional law.

After graduation, Kelsey looks forward to working on other film projects, including but not limited to, socially conscious documentaries. As researcher, camera operator, and associate producer, Kelsey has affected and respectively been affected by The Thin Commandments. No other film could be more fitting for her debut into the film industry.