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Last Thursday with "The Emily Program" »

I won’t forget last Thursday anytime soon. I flew to Minneapolis to screen “America the Beautiful,” for an awesome eating disorders treatment facility called “The Emily Program.” About three weeks before the June 19th screening, one of their employees called me and informed me that they wanted to add a 9:30pm show in addition to […]

Ebert Interview »

I’d like to bring something to your attention. “America the Beautiful,” isn’t supposed to exist. At least not in the form where you’d ever actually see it. I’ve had to fight all the conventional wisdom of Hollywood. This is how it’s supposed to go – 1. You make an independent film. 2. When you’re done, […]

Last Days at the Landmark »

I’ve always wondered what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a Mike Tyson knockout punch. I finally got a chance to feel that feeling this past weekend. Our 3 week winning streak at the Landmark was ended by the mezmerizing opening weekend of “Sex and the City.” Our primary demo is […]