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NY Opening at the Village Cinema Theater August 1st! »

“America the Beautiful,” opens in New York next Friday August 1st at the Village Cinema Theater – 22 E. 12th St. in Manhattan. As we all know, NY is the most important market in the country for opening a film and I need your help. I’m currently reading a movie marketing book and it states […]

NYC-Here We Come! »

I hope everyone had a great, wonderful and fantastic weekend. Make sure you read this email to the very end because I have passes for our NY premiere at the bottom. That’s right! Some of you will be able to join us this Thursday at the NY premiere of “America the Beautiful,” which takes a […]

“America the Beautiful” – Jessica Simpson / Dove »

Well. Well. Well. What do you know! Before I share a story with you about a fashion/beauty editor at the big newspaper in St. Louis, I’d like to share a small victory that I had at a film festival. At the film festival my assistant Jason was in a taxi going home and the driver […]