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I knew it would eventually come. I cannot name anyone specifically in this edition (I’d be sued faster than you can say split pea.)

As you probably know “America the Beautiful,” opened this past Friday August 1st. 2 weeks ago I did about 14 print interviews with Kirsten Haglund, the 2008 Miss America. All of them were supposed to come out a few days before the film opened on August 1st in an effort to create massive awareness.

Lo and behold, what do you know, it’s Sunday August 3rd as I write this and 90% of the interviews “mysteriously” never ran. I have no idea what happened, (well of course I do, but the legal system doesn’t permit me to say). What I can legally point out is that a couple of people in the beauty industry are trying to run me out of NY. About 2 months ago, someone from a cosmetics company told me “all you have to do is take the part out of your film about the phthalates in cosmetics and you’ll be fine.”

California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill recently banning phthalates in children’s products. In the article the Govenor’s office admits that phthalates are linked to cancer and he says we have to protect our children. What I want to know is who’s protecting our women? Read the story here:

Well, after not getting much press and watching only a few people show up to our Friday and Saturday showings, I decided to throw in the towel and go back to Chicago. But then I thought about it. That’s exactly what they want me to do. Everything would then be honkey dorey and they could leave the toxins in our cosmetics, keep making billions and we’d be the only one’s suffering from the ensuing afflictions.

Then it occured to me. I’m not alone in this fight. I have 14,287 of you to help me.

I want to send a message to the industry here in NY that we’ve had enough and aren’t taking it anymore. If phthalates being elimated is good enough for Arnold, then it’s good enough for me. We have to show the industry that our grass roots prowess is as powerful as their machine.

We did it in Chicago. With your help the film had a successful run. But unfortunately the industry isn’t there so they didn’t care.

Today, Sunday August 3rd, if you can forward this email to everyone that you know of that lives in NY city and anywhere within driving distance of NY city and ask them to take 2 hours out of their day to come and support “America the Beautiful,” then the film may live to see another day. If this doesn’t happen, then next week we’ll be gone and the bigwigs at the cosmetics companies will find some more chemicals to put into our bloodstream.

Remember what I said in the film. “The industy isn’t going to change because things are too profitable the way they are. Ultimately responsibility is in our hands. We can buy and support the things that have our best interest at heart.

I’m asking for your support. I know you probably planned on water rafting today, but if you get everyone that you know in NY to come out to support the film, the next time that I put some hotdogs on the grill, you can come by.

Also, if you know someone in NY that you want to sponsor today, you can buy 2 tickets for them and have them pick them up at the box office. Trust me they’ll thank you. You can buy the tickets here:

The film is playing at:

Cinema Village Theater
22 E. 12th Street
New York, New York

I will be at the theater today meeting everyone that comes out. Maybe after one of the shows, we can go to the museum and sing “Buffalo Bob.”

So in addition to not getting any publicity, most of the critics in New York performed a hatchet job on me. As you know, all over the U.S., credible critics like Roger Ebert, Ain’t it Cool News, etc. have praised the film. But the New York Times said that the film was pointless and basically had no reason to exist. Hmmmmm.

This is where I could pontificate on a few things, but once again, legally I can’t. What I can do is help you not to get duped in the future by a “so-called” critic. When reading a review, most of us just say that the New York Times said such and such. Well all critics aren’t created equal. At every major paper in the country, they have the real critics that are seasoned, professional and actually know what they’re talking about. Then they have the B list critics. it’s important to know exactly who’s writing the review that you’re reading.

The real critics at the New York Times are: STEPHEN HOLDEN, A. O. Scott and Manohla Dargis. You can see they’re very respectable credentials by clicking on their name. Now the woman that wrote the review for “America the Beautiful,” if you click on her name, you get nothing. No bio, no work history, nothing. Well since she did the hatchet job on me, I decided to do a little research on her. I can’t say what I found because once again I may end up in court. But do the research yourself. Her name is Jeannette Catsoulis. She has a history of doing these type of “reviews.” Everyone that has seen the film will get a kick out of this:

Even a major critic had to complain about her lack of (oops, I’m about to get sued for defamation of character) on his blog. Read it here:


A woman at the NY Daily News saw the film and loved it. She decided to take one of the topics from the film and write an article about it. She chose plastic surgery. You can read her article here:

The article turned out very nice. It’s “Angels,” like this reporter that step up and make a difference giving people like myself a platform when I wouldn’t normally have one.

When this article came out on Thursday July 31st, I must admit I wasn’t ready for what would happen next. I got an email from someone at “The Today Show,” asking if I would come on the following morning with Mary Nissenson. She’s the woman in my film that lost her business, her husband and her house because she decided to get plastic surgery. Here’s the irony. She was the former host of “The Today Show.” I told them she lived on a remote island in Hawaii and suggested that they bring Gerren on. The model from the movie. The following morning I was in a Town Car on my way to NBC Studios to tape the today show. I was hoping that I’d get a chance to meet Al Roker. I didn’t though.

You can watch “The Today Show,” segment here:

Darryl and Meridith

TOO AWSOME – We were interviewed by Meredith!

Cheryl Crowe jams

Right after we taped, Sheryl Crowe sang in the plaza.

A picture with Crowe

Gerren and I even got to take a picture with Sheryl.

While Sheryl was singing, I had my eye on her backup singer. Later she was actually 3 feet away from me, but I decided to go back to my hotel and savor the illusion.

I want to leave you with these quotes from “real” critics:

“Powerful Message!” -Roger Ebert
“Embraces a Remarkable Array of Topics” -Variety
“Captivating!” -The LA Times

America The Beautiful Opens August 1

America The Beautiful is an independent film, whose success is directly dependent on the help we receive from our supporters. If you like the film or support it’s message, we’d appreciate you forwarding on this email to anyone you believe would also be interested.

America The Beautiful is Now Playing at
The Cinema Village Theater
22 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10003

CLICK HERE to see a Trailer
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