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I received a call from CNN News this morning and tomorrow they will do a segment about the Ralph Lauren boycott and how a group of 7700 people on Facebook has the entire fashion industry taking notice.

The segment will run during the 10pm news tomorrow night (Saturday) on CNN. That’s 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central and 7pm Pacific.

Tune in because the other guest will be one of the biggest fashion photographers in the business. He’s so prominent that he gets to retouch his own ads and turn them in to the agencies.

This photographer has said in the past – “In a way we do have a social responsibility to project the right images of women, but will that sell magazines?” Tomorrow, on live TV,  I plan to ask him why he feels this way.

Make sure you watch tomorrow night. It will be interesting! The only way this segment won’t air is if the photographer changes his mind at the last minute.


This Monday December 21st, you can order the PG-13 version of “America the Beautiful.”

The basic difference between the R Rated version and the PG-13 version:

- 4 swear words are missing

- Some images from the plastic surgery scene have been removed

- Also the Eve Ensler scene where she talks about doctors that perform Vagina rejuvenation surgery is gone.

You will receive an email on Monday with a link to buy the PG-13 version. This version is suitable for high schools, girls groups, etc.


This Sunday December 20th, I’m passing the baton regarding the Ralph Lauren boycott to NOW (National Organization of Women). NOW has come on board to organize the NY demonstration on Sunday and they’ll continue to apply pressure on Ralph Lauren and other designers to include a wider variety of women in their fashion ads.

For decades NOW has been advocating for the women and girls of  America through public education, grassroots organizing, lobbying, action, and advocacy.

They have 35,000 members in NY state and they are very committed to helping change the way women are portrayed in the fashion industry.

I’ll be at the demonstration on Sunday at 1pm at the Ralph Lauren store in NY at 72nd and Madison to give NOW my support.

I’m sure you’ve heard yesterday’s news that a Twiggy Olay Ad was Banned for Massive Retouching in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority.

(L) Twiggy photo from 1966 – (R) New retouched Olay Twiggy ad that was banned recently.

- Legislation has also been introduced in the French Parliament to require ads that have been heavily retouched to require a warning labels like cigarettes. The warning would say “This image has been heavily altered.”

It’s good to see countries implement laws that protect the emotional well being of young girls and boys. I know that’s probably not realistic here in the US because the fashion and cosmetics companies have very powerful lobbyists to protect their interests. That’s why we have to come together and do it ourselves.

I’m proud of the 7700 people that joined the  Boycott Ralph Lauren Facebook page. “I think” the Polo Ralph Lauren company regularly monitors the page and I assure you that your voice is being heard.

Case in point – On December 10th, I found this picture on the Ralph Lauren website and posted it on the Facebook page to see what you thought about it. There were several complaints, with the biggest one being “she didn’t have hips.”

Well I went back to the Ralph Lauren website on December 12th and the picture seems to be photoshopped to give the model hips. There are other changes as well - These changes were done between December 10th and 12th after you complained about the initial image 7,000 strong on Facebook.

One of the readers said “they gave this women hips by shrinking her waist which isn’t good.”

The moral to the story is that this boycott has been covered by 289 newspapers and you are 7700 people strong, which gives you a mighty voice. Even if the before and after picture above is still offensive, they are listening to you. They’ve been advertising in this manner for so long, that I think they’ll need sensitivity training to fully understand.

Ultimately that’s your power as consumers. Remember none of these industries can survive unless you support them. Never feel like a victim. If you’re unhappy with something a company is doing, let them know – LOUD and clear with your purchasing decisions!

Congrats to each and every one of you that voiced your concerns to Ralph Lauren. They don’t have it right yet, but they are trying to do something. I was told by a news organization that some of the images would be taken off their website altogether.

Once again, you rock!

In celebration of women the world over!

Darryl Roberts




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