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15-Day Old Baby Rescued from Rubble in Haiti »

From The infant survived for an entire week without food or water. -April Daniels Hussar In a true miracle, rescuers discovered a 15-day-old baby alive in the rubble of her home a full week after the earthquake in Haiti destroyed the house. Her mother, 22-year-old Michelene Joassaint, said she had put baby Elisabeth down […]

Reese Witherspoon Says It’s Tough Being a Female »

From The actress doesn’t enjoy the pressures placed on the female population.  -Carolyn French Cutie pie Reese Witherspoon finds it rather challenging to be a woman. Like, join the club, right? Reese feels somewhat boxed in by society’s view of how a female should act, and she knows that at the end of the […]

** SCARY ** The Plastic Surgery iPhone App Is Here »

From Honestly, I don’t know whether to be horrified by this new iPhone App, or run out and buy an iPhone just so I can use the App. What is it? Why, it’s the iSurgeon, “an innovative App … which combines personal image modification with high tech gaming features.” Huh? Basically, it does two […]

Plus-size models are better role models? Fat chance! »

From The NY Post “A-PLUS” ran the headline of a Post story the other day that cheered a fashion magazine’s decision to run pictures of overweight models. So. Hooray for fatties, right? Or maybe we are expected to praise the magazine’s path-breaking and revolutionary decision to be only the ten thousandth magazine to do a […]


The other day I received an email from Mary Ellen, the Executive Director at Ophelia’s Place in upstate NY asking me if I’d model in her upcoming fashion show on February 7th. She calls the fashion show “A Radical Fashion Show to Benefit Ophelia’s Place.”  The show will be hosted by Joy Nash featuring models […]

Is Heidi Montag Addicted to Plastic Surgery? »

From In case you haven’t noticed, the blonde bombshell has made a habit out of going under the knife.  -Carolyn French At the end of November reality star/singer Heidi Montag continued her quest to become “the best me” by hopping on an operating table to receive 10 plastic-surgery makeovers (in one day). The 23-year-old […]

Are Temporary Tattoos The Next Big Thing In Modeling & Advertising? »

From How to Wear Winter Florals! Anything Chanel seems to garner the sort of attention that results in immediate obsession and desire. The latest is a collection of transfer tattoos that first appeared on their spring/summer 2010 runway. For all of us who want a tattoo, but can’t stomach the needles or the permanence, […]