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Oprah Winfrey Library – Tyra Banks – Houston, TX this Friday! »

This Friday we’re at the Angelika Theatre in Houston, TX. If you know anyone in Houston, TX forward this email to them. I’m planning to be at the theatre on Friday and Saturday after the 7pm show to do a Q&A. Friday November 14th Angelika Theatre 510 Texas Street Houston, Texas 77002 Click here and […]

News! – MTV will not air reality show Model Makers »

As some of you may be aware, MTV was involved with a new “reality” program entitled “Model Makers.” The show aimed to take 15 young women between the ages of 17 and 24 and turn them into high fashion models by forcing them to lose weight. Sounds disturbing doesn’t it? It’s actually worse than it […]

‘America The Beautiful’ – Huffington Post #2 / Atlanta-Charlotte »

Let me start off by saying that I missed all of you the past 3 weeks. Sometimes vacations can be overrated because you lose touch with so many people. That being said, I’m re-energized and ready to continue spreading this message to all that will listen. IN THIS ISSUE: – My Huffington Post letter to […]

From the Director »

N THIS BLOG – -Upcoming ATB cities and theaters. -A letter from ANAD. -Washington, D.C. update! -Napa Valley. – UPCOMING CITIES This weekend we’ll be in Portland, OR. By the way, I have a funny Portland story for you. Last week while I was in Napa Valley, Pedro called me. Pedro is one of our […]

‘America The Beautiful’ – Revlon at it again…Dallas/Portland »

N THIS BLOG – -ATB cities and theaters. -Revlon is at it again. UPDATED THEATER ANNOUNCEMENTS – This weekend we’re in 5 cities. If you know anyone that lives in or near either of these 5 cities, please forward this email and ask them to support “America the Beautiful.” Make sure you tell them that […]

‘America The Beautiful’ – R Rating / Hufington Post »

IN THIS BLOG – -ATB theater announcements. The ATB LA Premiere. Why we got an R rating for the film. My new writing assignment. An update regarding our congressional screening in D.C. next month. We’re going to try and get help for every teenage girl suffering from an eating disorder in this country. THEATER ANNOUNCEMENTS […]

ATB comes to LA! »

PLEASE HELP US BY FORWARDING THIS to anyone you think might be interested in our film’s message. Los Angeles is a key market and we really need your support. The national press has really jumped on board to help us promote the film and if you send this to EVERYONE that you know and stress […]

New York New York »

I knew it would eventually come. I cannot name anyone specifically in this edition (I’d be sued faster than you can say split pea.) As you probably know “America the Beautiful,” opened this past Friday August 1st. 2 weeks ago I did about 14 print interviews with Kirsten Haglund, the 2008 Miss America. All of […]

NY Opening at the Village Cinema Theater August 1st! »

“America the Beautiful,” opens in New York next Friday August 1st at the Village Cinema Theater – 22 E. 12th St. in Manhattan. As we all know, NY is the most important market in the country for opening a film and I need your help. I’m currently reading a movie marketing book and it states […]

NYC-Here We Come! »

I hope everyone had a great, wonderful and fantastic weekend. Make sure you read this email to the very end because I have passes for our NY premiere at the bottom. That’s right! Some of you will be able to join us this Thursday at the NY premiere of “America the Beautiful,” which takes a […]