michael-beardenMichael is an accomplished musical director, keyboardist, and composer and has worked with Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and has been musical director for Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Rod Stewart among others. He has also worked with such notable jazz artists as Herbie Mann, Everette Harp, Stanley Turrentine and is collaborating on Herbie Hancock’s new album Possibilities.

Michael’s film scores include Drop Squad, produced by Spike Lee and the indie film The Visit directed by Jordan Walker Pearlman, The Arrangement for H.H. Cooper, One Week for director Carl Seaton, and Dense, directed by Vanessa Williams. Currently he is scoring Constellation (starring Gabrielle Union and Billy Dee Williams).

Michael was principal pianist / keyboardist on two Cosby television show bands and has also been the lead substitute for the Late Night With David Letterman and been a pianist and/or conductor on countless major television specials, talk shows and award shows.